We believe that autonomous airborne deliveries as well as drone-selfies or air-video-footage will soon be available as a service in many different places.

So we developed a platform that enables everyone to use their drones to provide such a service. Predefined flight-zones guarantee collision avoidance with static objects like trees and houses.


Collision Avoidance

By drawing different zones, you define your drones flying behaviour. They move only inside these borders and therefore avoid collisions with static objects or trigger function to provide a desired service.

Route Calculation

As soon as the system receives an assignment from a customer it automatically calculates a route through your predefined flight zones.


Our system works with every drone that supports MAVLink Protocol. (Tested with Pixhawk and Ardupilot v3.3).

Customer App

We provide an App (iOS and Android), which every customer can download. It automatically shows your products if the customer is inside your catchment area.

Real-Time Monitoring

All your drones are controlled over the internet. Just use our platform to track the movement and actions of your drones in real-time.

Cloud based

All your drones are connected to the cloud, using the Onboard-App we provide. The cloud system allows you control all your drones at once.

Get Started Now

Disclaimer: This platform and all components involved are just a proof of concept. All features are experimental and are used on your own responsability!

Create your Organisation

Go to create your personal account and your organisation. From now on you can add drones and products to your organisation and share them between different locations and events (Projects).

Create your Project

You are now able to create a project and define areas in which specific services can be provided to your customers. The map will support you in your definition process, by giving specific colors to specific areas of the project. You can test all your projects with ease by simulating your drone and your customer-position.

Prepare your Drone

In order to establish connection between the platform and the drone, you have to mount an Android compatible smartphone and connect it to your flight device. The Helin Onboard-App can be downloaded here and is the gateway for your drone to the platform. To establish the connection, you just need your personal token, which is generated on the drones-overview page. If your goal is to drop your products with a parachute, our designed and tested 3D model is available for free to print.


  • First Prototype
  • First Prototype
  • Project Editor with Flight Zones
  • Telemetry data indicates drone position on map
  • Latest Drone Prototype with Onboard-App
  • 3D-Printed Smartphone mount
  • 3D-Printed Drop-Mechanism
  • Drop of a Medikit
  • Parachute with a 0.5 Liter bottle
  • Onboard-App
  • Customer-App Android
  • Customer-App iOS